Meet Amber

Sometimes investing in yourself seems like the last thing you believe you should be doing. 

There are so many other competing needs and priorities, so many other items nagging and pulling at you to be done, to be checked off. So, you put yourself and your personal and professional development last on the list. You drag through your career, let’s be honest-your life, feeling uninspired and unfulfilled. 

Until one day (today since you are on my site) you wake up and you say-Absolutely.

No. More. I am worth the time, I am worth the investment, and I am definitely worth the self exploration journey to discover my authentic self and live my life, every single day, on purpose with laser focused intention.

Wake up, rinse and repeat.


Hey there, I’m Amber Bennett. 

I am the published author of Stella on Science, the podcast creator and host of Live Your Authentic Life, a certified executive life coach, and a PHR exam certified Human Capital professional with extensive experience in the corporate world.

I have been coaching people to not only examine their lives, but to ask the hard questions, questions that lead to results and results that lead to a life lived on purpose

Are you ready to take your personal and professional life to where you want it to be?

Are you ready to live with authenticity and purpose excited about your unique gifts and talents and putting them out there for the world to see? The universe is ready to rise up and meet you exactly where you are and I am ready to coach you to achieve the results you know you are capable of.

Let’s do this. Together.


Your most authentic life is waiting.

I can help you get there!