I want to share the top five life hacks that I personally practice, that make every day of my life better. Now, some of these may seem very straightforward. You may be doing most of them, or you may be doing none of them. But you know what? Even just tackling one today is a […]

Top 5 Hacks to Own Your Day

Personal Growth, Physical and Mental Growth

This is what you should start, stop and drop to live your life on purpose. START Positive Affirmations When I take my kids to school every day, we do affirmations. We start with the Lord’s Prayer. That’s something we’ve always done – I believe in prayer and I believe in the power of prayer. I […]

What to Start, Stop and Drop to Live Your Life on Purpose

Personal Growth, Physical and Mental Growth

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I'm Amber Bennett

I'm the published author of Stella on Science, the podcast creator and host of Live Your Authentic Life, a certified executive life coach, and a PHR exam certified Human Capital professional with extensive experience in the corporate world.

I have been coaching people to not only examine their lives, but to ask the hard questions, questions that lead to results and results that lead to a life lived on purpose.